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Our New Project

The largest building on site at Lime Tree Farm is the barn. No longer used for storing hay, it needs a new lease of life. In early 2019 we were granted planning permission to convert it.


Between 2020and 2022, volunteers restored, built and installed a number of features within the barn to make it in to a usable visitors centre for all members of the public.


At its centre is a 6.5 fully immersive theatre which can be used as a classroom, lecture theatre, but primarily as a planetarium to compliment the on site observatories.  Alongside this will be an exhibition area and refreshment facilities.

LTOP 3d render.jpg

This is an artist's impression of how the immersive theatre and planetarium will look when complete. The 6.5 diameter hemispherical dome will be projected on to using a traditional mechanical star projector, and a state of the art high resolution digital projector.  It will be able to simulate many environments and show films from around the world shot in full-dome format.

Who will Benefit?


Anyone can book to use the unique facilities at Lime Tree Farm.  Over the years we have had an amazing array of differing groups.


We’ve had Home Education Groups, Ecology Camps, Nature Retreats, Drumming Groups, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Astronomical Societies, U3A Groups, Women’s Institutes and Probus Groups to name but a few.  Everyone is Welcome!

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