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Bird Hide

On the northern edge of the farm, overlooking the Gill and one of the ponds stands the Lime Tree Bird Hide. Full of fascinating information, it is an ideal spot to while away a few hours watching nature. 

PAN 400 bird interior 2.jpg

Many different species have been seen from the hide, including (on the pond) Herons, Mallard, Coots, Moorhens and a variety of gulls.  In the nearby trees we have Woodpeckers, Barn Owls, Tawny owls, and a plethora of Tits and Finches.

Nearby, there is an owl box fitted with an Infra-red camera.  Watch the video below to see an altercation between a Tawny Owl and Barn Owl who both have designs on the same house. Who will win?  Place your bets....

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